Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Today is New Years Eve 2008, we have no plans, we don't go to parties we will just watch the new year come in. Our granddaughters have plans, one is visiting a friend, and the other is deer hunting with her aunt. Christmas day , we had Christmas dinner at our house. My husbands sister and a friend of hers and our came. We had a nice meal, Roy had purchased a ham, and all the fixings all I had to do is warm it. That was nice not to have to cook. I cooked some candy the night before, and fixed Mary, Jo and Marilyn a box of it. Marilyn, Fauna, and myself went to the show after we ate dinner. We saw Marley and Me, a movie about a dog and his family, it was a real sad movie, the dog died, wasn't expecting that. Everybody cried.

Ahhh Bubbles